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100 km of hikingtrails for young and elderly.

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Waymarkers: 34 – 7 – 4 – 4b – 4 – 7 – 34

Since the summer of 2018, the new circular hike, which was once used as the main route to Sunday Mass on the Vigiljoch, has been a path to the historic San Vigilio Church via idyllic natural sites. The starting point of the circular route is the cable car mountain station; the wide Trail No 34 leads you past the chairlift valley station to a fork below the chairlift, which is marked as Trail No 4. After about 10 minutes along the toboggan run, Trail No 4b branches off to the left. The picturesque footpath through a quiet forest area leads to forest path Trail No 4, which to the right takes you to the Restaurant Sessellift or to the left directly to the little church. You can return via Trail No 4 and Trail No 34 or comfortably with the chairlift.

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Waymarkers: 1 – 34a – 34b – 2 – 9 – 4

A little bit off the popular trails runs the quiet, spruce-filled Quellenweg above the Ultental valley: a tranquil circular hike with a magnificent view as a highlight. From the mountain station slightly downhill towards Pawigler Wirt, past the Vigilius mountain resort, Trail No 1, also called Quellenweg, leads you to the fork with Trail No 34a. This path takes you a short way uphill to the forest path, which leads you directly to the Bärenbadalm. This is where Trail No 2 begins, which continues as Trail No 9 to San Vigilio Church. In close proximity is Restaurant Sessellift, which can be reached via Trail No 4. This is where Trail No 8 starts, which leads you to the observation point in just five minutes. To return to the cable car mountain station, go back to the mountain station chairlift, follow Trail 4 b, and the last bit of Trail No 34. But it would also be worth taking the chairlift back – the view of the Dolomites is spectacular.

Alternative to ascending to Restaurant Sessellift: after San Vigilio Church, you can follow Trail No 3 from Restaurant Jocher to the Gampl Family Hotel and then Trail No 34 back to the cable car mountain station.

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Waymarkers: 8 – 7 – 9 – 5a – 4a – 5 – 4

Six stations with useful stimulus on topics and values of life accompany the contemplative-philosophical hike along the Glaubensweg. After travelling by cable car and chairlift, Trail No 8 and Trail No 7 lead slightly downhill to Restaurant Seespitz. Continue along Trail No 9 until you reach the fork left towards Bischofskofel. This path leads you directly to San Vigilio Church. Trail No 4a, Trail No 5 and Trail No 4 lead you back shortly to the chairlift starting point. This easy, leisurely circular hike is also signposted as “Glaubensweg”. A brochure on the Glaubensweg is available at the cable car valley station.

Group tours are available for 10 or more people: register at +39 0473 56 39 52 or +39 335 53 23 625 or by sending an email to

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Waymarkers: 34 – 9 – 7 – 34

The extensive panoramic tour offers views of the majestic Dolomites and central Alps and glimpses of the most beautiful places in Vigiljoch’s nature idyll. From the cable car mountain station, Trail No 34 leads you to the Gampl Family Hotel and Trail No 3 forks off right to San Vigilio Church. From there, Trail No 9 leads you over vast alpine pastures, past picturesque alpine huts and houses, where you can see the splendour of a ski destination from times gone by, to Restaurant Seespitz by the Schwarze Lacke. Continue along panoramic Trail No 7. After a short stretch of forest, its narrow paths lead you over meadows and forests, some of whose slopes fall very steeply downhill, but reward you with views of the entire Etsch valley. This path leads you directly to Trail No 34, which brings you back to the cable car mountain station.

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